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Related post: Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2010 01:54:30 -0700 (PDT) From: Pete Brown Subject: Reluctant Gladiator, Part Twenty OneRELUCTANT GLADIATOR - Part Twenty One A story by Pete Brown (petebrownuk yahoo.com)Read all of Pete's stories at groups.yahoo.com/group/petebrownseroticstoriesWhat a long way I'd come since I was enslaved. I used underage sexy family to think of sex as something that you did in private, with a woman. Then I'd learned to fuck a bitch with underage rape picture Mike watching me, and even to get used to the feeling of his cum on my dick as I took "sloppy seconds". underaged porn I'd discovered how much better it was to have another guy suck cute underage nudes my dick than it was to jerk myself off, and that mutual jerking off with Mike was so much better than just doing it myself. And I'd fuck underage free even reconciled myself to seeing guys fucking each other, as Jamie and Darren did. But after I'd been raped by Jason I'd sort of frozen - there was underage prostitutes no way that I was going to move on, to explore what two guys might do with each other any further, and the pleasure they could bring themselves. It was relatively easy to stop, as this attitude was reinforced by Mike who was as you know so violently opposed to guys fucking.As my dick slipped into the young kid it somehow felt so right though. I went slowly, as I said, and I was underage fucks really considerate - I was staring down at his face so I could see that although he was moaning and shouting he wasn't suffering any huge degree of pain - his cries were more ones of ecstasy. His ass was just so tight and so warm and somehow welcoming. I sank into him, right in, until my pubes were hard up against his skin. I stood there, looking down at him, seeing him now totally under my control, and it felt so right. So I began to fuck him - slowly at first, then, seeing that he was becoming used to accepting me into him, I began male underage sex to speed up and to pound at him, harder and harder. He started to cry out as I slammed into him, but now there was no stopping me. This was what a man was meant to do, this was how one man was meant to use another for sheer enjoyment and sexual relief.I think I never expected that I'd fuck another guy. And if I did, I didn't think it would underage thumbnail galleries be with a whole group of other men watching me. I didn't care though - in fact having the other men there somehow added to my excitement as I knew they were jealous of me, jealous of the way I was enjoying another man, jealous of the way I was using him, jealous of the way I was in control, jealous of the fact that I was upskirt underage girls doing what a man should do and they were not. The sensations flooding me from the fucking and the excitement I felt from having an audience took away all my reason - in my frenzy of sexual energy I pulled out, almost threw the kid down on the floor on his front, then hurled my body on top of his. I scrabbled around for my dick - it was almost painful from the sensations - pushed the kids butt apart and thrust it into him again. Then I fucked him with a lot of short, sharp jabs as my hands held his shoulders and my head butted underage cyber sex into his neck. I smelt the tang of his young skin, my tongue licked his sharp salty sweat, and I sank my teeth into his shoulders in a frenzy of excitement. His body was slippery and hot under mine as I fucked him, and I wanted it to go on for ever. He was no longer making shouts and moans, and at one level I think I knew my heavily muscled body was making it hard for him to breathe, but I didn't care: I was a man, a usenet underage teens man taking what he needs from a weaker one, and that was what men are designed to do.It all stops, of course. There's no way you can go on fucking with that intensity - is it the body's own defence mechanism built in that makes you stop, as your balls start to ache and underaged child fucking the underage ******** nude next moment you're shooting your cum deep inside him. Like a lot sex cuties underage of men my dick is incredibly sensitive once I've shot, and although I wanted to carry on, I heard myself shouting first with the sheer exuberance of shooting, and then groaning with that very special pain you get from your dick as I carried on thrusting - it was hurting me, and yet I wanted to do it, wanted those extra moments of sheer unadulterated sexual ecstasy. I managed to do it four or five more times but my cries became feebler, I knew, and I finally slumped forward, pulling the kid's face towards mine and kissing him deeply. Then, with my tongue and dick still inside him, I realised that he was having difficulty in breathing and raised myself up, taking my weight on my forearms. I was breathing so hard, and sweat was running off me. And now asia underage sex I was laughing, laughing in an abandoned way that underage sex saples I probably hadn't done since I was a kid. I couldn't stop - my tongue forced its way into his mouth again and again as I gradually calmed form my frenzy.Then reality came crashing underage lotita back to me. I knew what I'd done. I looked around, and there underage fotos were all the other gladiators watching me, open-mouthed with astonishment. I underage video ls found I couldn't say anything - I slowly pulled out of the kid, stood up, then reached down to help him to his feet. Somehow I felt so protective of him, and I put my arms around him and kissed him deeply once more. "Thanks...", I managed to say finally.Seeing me fuck the kid kind of gave the other gladiators permission to fuck, too, in a way that seeing Jamie do it with his companion had not. Jamie and I sat together, our ribs and thighs in contact as I put my arm around his shoulders, and we watched the other underage naturalist images guys fuck the kids, and then start to be a little more imaginative as they began to have sex with each other. Jamie and I were both hard from watching it, as actually being at an orgy is so very, very different from seeing one on the TV, and finally Jamie threw my arm off his shoulder and stepped across the floor to join in. I sat underage erotic there for a couple of minutes, and my dick was straining so hard that it was beginning to hurt again. Then the thought came to me that I had nothing to lose - I'd crossed the line, and now I'd actually fucked a guy, there was no reason not to do so again. Why should the others have all the fun?We did all sleep that night underage sex slut - eventually! Sheer exhaustion overcame us, and a big tangled mass of male bodies sprawled over the floor and drifted off. I don't know whose body I was resting my head on, whose body I was spooned into, and which of the other guys' dicks was incest russian underage pressing up against my butt, and underage underware model I didn't care. This was how men, real men, should be with each other - unashamedly enjoying the physical sensations of hard male muscles against each other. It was only the next morning when we were loaded into the back of the van again being driven "home" that the reality of that night began to bite. I was sitting next to Jamie and he was leaning against me, then he said "Wow, Steve.... You made up for lost time!""Jamie, look.... Look, it was exceptional. Somehow seeing you fuck the kid, and having him throw himself at me....""....made you completely lose it, and fuck six different underage hard sex guys, five of whom are your fellow gladiators." Jamie underage hardcore bbs laughed and went on "Don't blame me, Steve.... You can't put this one on me, as you've seen me fuck before and not ever wanted to join in.""Jamie, it wasn't right. I don't know what to do....""Don't do anything! You did nothing wrong. All the guys xxx underage pics wanted it. underage tits pics You didn't have to force any of them, did you?""No, but....""But nothing. You'd be surprised how many of the guys like to fuck. It's only the very successful gladiators like you and Mike who can afford bitches, you know. A lot of the younger guys find that jerking off simply isn't enough, and they begin to experiment....""I had underage horny sluts no idea!""You don't know what you've been missing! It shouldn't surprise you, though, should it? There have been endless accounts of prisoners in jail who go in with wives and familles and stuff, and who find they enjoy a bit of proper sex.... Why do you think illegal underage porno gladiators are different? In fact if you'd thought about nacked underage girls it you'd have expected it: a lot of fit, virile guys with nice bodies all living in close proximity to each anime underaged other, and only barely covering ourselves with the uniforms....""Look, Jamie,...." I didn't know how to say it, but I managed to almost stammer out "This is a secret, right? I'd rather Mike didn't know...."Jamie really laughed now. "Be real, Steve! You take part in an orgy - no, you were a major player in a male orgy, and you fuck six different guys in one night, and you think the news isn't going to get around? For one thing, most of the young gladiators who were not there will be starting to make advances to you... You're a pretty impressive fucker, you know...." he smiled now "...for an older, less experienced guy. underage teen mpeg Once we've got you properly trained.....""No! Not back home. Not with Mike there.""Ah, so you're like a lot of closet gay underage free top100 guys - you're going to play when you're underage thai prostitutes away from home, are you? I hope we get scheduled for the same events, as I'd like to have your dick again - and, who knows, you might get around to taking it.... I'd like to fuck an older guy....."I photos sex underage felt horror stricken. "I didn't fuck you, did I?""Yes. Number four or so, I reckon. You were past caring who you took next, so I kind of slid myself under you...."I slumped, and sat there with my head in my hands. What had I done? I was supposed to be rescuing Jamie, and now....Jamie put his arm around my shoulders, pressed his face close to mine, and whispered "It's OK, Steve. Really it is. I've always liked you - you're a really nice guy. And if I wasn't with Darren, I'd always want to be with you.""What about Darren? He'll be cross... He'll never forgive you....""Steve, get real! Darren and I are together, sure. Always will be. Or will be for as long as one of us doesn't get sold off, as teen underage pictures you keep telling me. underage girls masterbating But that doesn't mean we can't fuck with other guys, does it? It would be pretty boring if Darren and me only ever had sex with each other - in fact we sometimes ask other guys to join us, as three can do so many more things than two. underage teen forum I don't suppose you'd be interested? I like older guys, and I think Darren would like to feel your muscles against him, too....""No! Look, Jamie, don't talk about stuff like that, and especially not when Mike's around...""So he'd be jealous, would he? Oh underage ebony teen are a sly one, Steve, you and Mike, all this time....""No! It's not like that. Mike and I are just buddies. Real close buddies, but just that - we don't fuck. Mike doesn't like fags, or fag behaviour, and I don't want to lose him as a buddy..." I felt bad as I said this, and I suppose deep down I knew that jerking each other off and sleeping together was hardly the kind of thing that totally straight guys did."Jamie, I'm not going to debate this. Just cut out any fag talk when Mike's around, OK?""So you're not going to fuck me again?""I keep telling you, I'm straight. Last night.... Last night was just an aberration."Jamie smiled at me again underage nude plumper and kind of squeezed my shoulder encouragingly. "I'll believe you, Steve - at least for now. Thousands wouldn't, but I will."We sat there in silence for the rest of the journey, and when we were back at Philips' Fighters I managed to avoid Mike for most of the day. There was no way of getting away from him in our room that night, though, and he stood there examining my body critically. "That must have been some fight, Steve! You're bruised all over - even in places I wouldn't have expected. And the bastard must have bitten you - look at your shoulders, and neck...."I felt ashamed as I muttered "I guess so. But you know how it is in the heat of battle. You don't feel most of the stuff, do you? And I was always worrying about my balls getting crushed - that's what I was underage naked illegal focussed on.""You're right. Still, I don't think it's fair fighting, to bite another gladiator like that." As he said this, Mike's fingers brushed gently over the love bites on me, and I felt dreadful about having him so concerned for me when it was all my own fault. And when we lay there and jerked each other off I shot almost immediately, which caused Mike to laugh as I usually take a lot longer. He wouldn't have been laughing, I knew, if he'd realised that it was because I was fantasising about having my dick not in his underaged cuties hands, but buried deeply in his ass.It was the practice at Philips' underage girls neud Fighters to allow a gladiator to "rest" for at least ten days before his next combat, so I was able to recover and almost put behind me thoughts about the orgy. I didn't seem to be scheduled for anything in the immediate future, so was a little surprised when during training a guard came up and ordered me to go to Straughan's office. When I got there it wasn't to go in the office itself, but to one of the customer reception rooms that were kept for specially favoured clients.Straughan and Jason were in there with five couples, young, and rich - I could see from the expensive slim watches on the men, the well designed but understated jewellery on the women, and the casually elegant clothes they were all wearing. They were sitting around on the couches and soft chairs provided, sipping champagne from elegant flutes, and the air was full of the perfume of the women. Somehow the air seemed electric with excitement."This is Steve", Jason began. "He's going to be underage underwear teen our next Champion, so if you want to see underage porn toplist him fight when he's still relatively unknown.... You did want to see one of our 'bruisers', you said....""Yes. Absolutely", one of the young men stated calmly and authoritatively. "My companions and I wrestle for relaxation and fitness, and if I wanted to see wrestling, it's available all the time at our gym. But a real fight, one with two men beating the shit out of each other...." He paused pics free underage ukrainian underage cuties as his companions all laughed gently at his use of the word "shit". "...getting covered in blood, and maybe even doing permanent damage.... That we can't see, and that's what we want to see.""Quite so. Many patrons find this aspect of gladiator fighting particularly interesting", Straughan added. "Might I suggest a box, a private box, where we serve champagne and canapés, for our next major event....""Oh ilegal cp underage no, darling....", one of the women said to her companion, touching him urgently, almost sexually, on the arm as she said this to him. "My birthday.... You promised.... I don't want to wait."The man nodded and said almost dismissively to Straughan "No. We don't want to be with the crowds. We would prefer a private bout.""But, dear sir, the expense...."The man looked at Straughan as if he was almost beneath contempt. "Is immaterial. Now, this gladiator here, you say he's the up and coming thing, the next champion.... He'll do as one of the fighters."The woman touched underage pantie photos his arm again, and he bent towards her as she whispered something in his ear. He looked back at Straughan and said, as if it was the most normal thing in the world "But before I hire him, we want to be sure he is perfect in every respect. Please have him unclothe.""My good sir, the ladies....""...have seen a man before! You people are so middle class, to think that a lady would be upset by the sight of a naked man. underage 13y Have him unclothe, now, if you don't want to lose a lucrative contract - there are other schools....."I hated it, the way the guy ignored me, just as if I was some sort of object and not a man, and referred his demands to Straughan. I began underage nude photoa to get car insurance underage angry. I was standing there already covered in sweat from where I'd been working out, but now I felt myself begin to sweat even more at the thought of being naked in front of underaged girlpics them all. It's silly, I know, as just the week before I'd been exposed to over a thousand, men and women. But it was different here - the smallness of the room, the kind of "domestic" atmosphere with the couches, chairs, lights, and the feel of the pile of the carpet under my bare feet... It was so much more intimate, and so utterly humiliating to have these rich people have the power to have me totally exposed for their enjoyment."Strip, Steve." Straughan said quietly."Please, sir, no...""You fucking slave! Do as you're underage cp pictures told! Or do you want a touch animated underage naked of my taser?", Jason barked, startling all the watchers. He lowered his voice, turned to the men and women and went on "Steve can be difficult, and sometimes needs discipline.""Oooohhhh... Can we see him tasered?", asked one of the women, and I'm sure Jason would have done it! But Straughan replied "My dear madam, you would not want to see that. It is extremely unsuitable - especially here in one of our reception rooms." He looked directly at her and added "How can I put this... With a tasering one cannot be certain that when he loses control of his muscles the gladiator does not lose control of some very important ones...."The woman looked puzzled, but one of the men called out "He means the slave might piss and shit all over us!"Straughan turned back to me and again said quietly, but with a menacing tone to underage girls bikinis his underaged licking voice that made it quite clear that he'd let Jason taser me if I didn't obey "Strip, Steve."Slowly and very reluctantly I lowered my hands to the waistband of my uniform, then turned my back on them as I pushed it down and let if fall to the floor. It underage kinder porn was little enough, but somehow not having my dick exposed as the waistband pushed over it, and then having it spring back as it does, somehow gave me just a very naturist family underage tiny shred of underage bbs toplist self respect underaged model toplist back - I was a bit in control of what was going on, albeit a very little bit."Turn around, Steve". Straughan's quiet voice sounded almost like thunder, as the whole room had gone so still and quiet with expectation.I turned around, desperately wanting to hide my dick and balls with my cupped hands, but I knew it was pointless to do so. So I stood there with my hands loosely at my sides, as gasps of astonishment came from the men and women as they saw my tattooed dick."As you can see, this is Steve!", Jason told them coarsely, pointing to my dick as if wasn't evident enough already. I felt myself blushing and ashamed - not of my body, but of the way that I had been decorated so vilely, entirely without my permission, and was now being displayed so humiliatingly for them.I could almost feel their eyes on me they were hardcore underage portals staring at me so intently. Then Jason started to give me orders, to turn around, flex my arms, tighten my belly to show them my six pack, and other general "body builder" poses. Seeing that the audience was enjoying this, he then went on to stuff that's really totally inappropriate for a naked guy in such a small space, so close to the audience: I had to do some running on the spot and some jumping jacks - my dick as of course bouncing up and down - and then some press-ups, when Jason told them that they should imagine seeing me "engaged in intercourse" and what a splendid sight my buttocks were as they flexed and contracted with my efforts. Finally I was allowed to rest again, and now I was really sweating and breathing hard. I couldn't help noticing that some of the audience were now seating themselves, and a couple of the women had their tongues licking their lips, as if in anticipation."He's extremely suitable", the man who had started the conversation with Straughan then said. "But he's the up and coming one, you said. So where's the champion himself? I think we'd like to see him, for comparison."I'm sure that Straughan would have said no, but Jason leapt into action and picked up a phone and called for them to bring Mike over. I then had to stand underaged toon porn there naked as the men and women had ukrain angels underage their glasses refilled and carried on drinking and chattering.Mike looked really surprised when he did appear, but he too was ordered to get naked and perform a little display for the underage nudist pageant audience, as I had. underage girl defloration This wasn't enough, though: the chief client told Straughan they wanted to see a comparison, and Jason took charge and made underage porn cp us stand back to back, so out butts and underage boys toplist shoulders were touching, so that they could compare our heights. I felt the warmth of Mike's body against mine, and our muscles slid against each other as we stood there, lubricated by our sweat. Then we had to link arms under age thong and face them, so that they could see a comparison from the front. I could feel the tension in Mike's body as we did this, and I was terrified that at any moment he'd totally lose it and that we'd both end up tasered into unconsciousness. Finally they busty underage model seemed satisfied, and the client said "Very impressive. Both of them. Do all of your gladiators have their names on their sexual organs?""No", Straughan answered. "It's only on those who are in the elite group, the gladiators who now fight naked in the arena. But, dear sir, which one do you want? And when is the combat to be? We'll need to check the diary and see if he's available for when you have in mind..."The man sounded irritated, and amazed at Straughan's apparent stupidity. "The underage fucking bbs bout is to be today, of course!""And which one, dear sir?""Both! We don't need to look at any more of your stock. These two are clearly very evenly matched, and the thought of the up xxx underage torrent and coming champion fighting the champion will add an extra frisson of excitement to the whole thing."Mike and I looked at each other in horror. "Gladiators don't fight each other here!", Mike barked out. "We only fight gladiators from other schools."The client looked at Straughan and said quietly "I like spirit in a fighter. But if he were my slave and made an outburst like that he'd be on the whipping frame tonight. underage wet panty Still, underage model forum I expect we must expect this underage blowjob gallery unruliness when you train them to fight. He's wrong, of course. He might generally only fight gladiators from other schools, but if I hire them both underage schoolgirl images for our private bout, he'll certainly fight his companion here...""Sir, please reconsider", Straughan underage porni cut in. "It's not good for discipline. They would be hard to control. And these two, Mike and Steve, they share a room, they're sparring partners...""My mind is made up." top underage sites The client's previously genteel tone was now harsh. "Did I tell you my uncle was the police commissioner for the city? I'm sure he'd be surprised to learn that matters were so lax here amongst your slaves that you believe they would disobey orders... At your next annual licence review, I think that might have serious consequences...."I rompl underage saw Straughan clench his fists in frustration, but I knew he had been defeated. "No need for that - of course we maintain proper discipline here. And I will of course order them to fight each other. But I am now risking my champion, and my reserve champion, and of necessity it l therefore have to be at a premium price...""And I said that the price was immaterial", the client answered, his voice now one more unctuously oily."Go and prepare", Straughan ordered us. Mike and I bent to pick up our uniforms and the client's voice cut through the silence once more. "No need for forbidden underage porno that. They will of course fight naked - I understand that that is the current fashionable trend."Mike stood stock still, glaring at the guy, and the tension in the room underaged nudist teens was palpable. I saw Jason fingering his taser. The client locked his eyes with Mike's, clearly completely at ease with his own abilities (or perhaps having no conception of the physical power of a guy like Mike!) underage nude fucking "One more thing...", he said turning towards Straughan. "You said these were sparring partners, room mates..."Straughan nodded."Well how are we to be sure that they will fight to the limits of their ability, and not simply treat this as another training bout?""They are both professional gladiators, my good sir! Of course they will fight....""Room mates, you say. So are they lovers?""NO!", Mike shouted. "We're not fags...."The client smiled, and underage boy models spoke at Straughan again. free underage girlssex "That at least sounds genuine. So to make sure we have a good fight, one where each is desperate to win, we will have them fight until one overpowers the other... Overpowers the other to the extent that he is able to rape his opponent."It was only Jason's taser stabbing at Mike's bare belly that stopped him from throwing himself at the client. The men and women looked terrified - except for the chief client, that is, who seemed to be smiling to himself."I won't do it!", I said quietly. I didn't shout, like Mike, but they could tell from my calm assurance that I meant it. Straughan came over and whispered to me "You only have a short time left here. And the price of slaves, especially trained gladiators, especially trained gladiators with a body like Jamie's, continues to rise. If you want to have any hope of taking Jamie with you when you leave, you need to fight and win this one, as your account will otherwise not have enough winnings.""I need better than that... I could fight, and still not have enough....""Very well. I promise that if you win, youth underage sex Jamie will be yours in two months, when you leave." One of the women had heard this, and was clearly going to ask Straughan about it, but her companion pulled her away.Straughan turned towards the clients. "Have no fear. It will be a good bout. And both men will fight to their utmost - Steve here needs to win, and Mike will not want to experience the humiliation of being raped by a fellow gladiator. That's so, isn't it?"Jason just glared, but I nodded, and Straughan told Jason to take us out and get us prepared. I still thought Jason might get tasered, his whole body language was so threatening, but Jason seemed prepared and poked the tip of the taser into the top of Mike's butt crack, and that began to strike some sexy underage pussy sense into Mike, and underage naked model we walked out of the room relatively calmly.We were taken into the ready room to be prepared - and this was more than the normal shower, trim and oiling that we were used to. Jason stood there and demanded that we use the shower pipe as an enema hose, telling us that he didn't want the clients' sensibilities affected by the sight underage girls naked of shit on our dicks at the end of the combat. Again I thought Mike was going to lash out at him, and I tried to restrain him as I had so often done by putting an arm around his shoulders. "Stop it, Steve", Mike snapped at me. "I'm going to have to fuck you, and we can't be buddies.""It doesn't have to be like that, Mike", I whispered so that Jason couldn't hear above the noise of the water. "We underage masturbating teen can both put up a good fight, then not fuck...""I'm the Champion, Steve. I only fight one way - to win. And the rules of this match are that I young underage kinder only win when I fuck you. Now, leave me alone!"So we both stood there, isolated and separate from each other, as we went through the humiliation of pushing the shower pipe up our asses, filling ourselves with water, and crapping it out. I reckon Jason was a brave man to underage 16 nude keep coming and watching, and making us continue until the water ran clean.We oiled ourselves up as usual, and even though he was now grimly not speaking to me (as if by avoiding talking about it the whole thing might go away), Mike let me oil his back as us gladiators traditionally do, and he oiled mine. I then sat down, and remembering the pain Jason had caused me when he'd raped me, pulled my legs up and began pretty underage nudes to massage oil into my asshole. Mike underage girl nudists sat there, glaring at me, and still trying to be friends I suggested he did the same as a dry fuck would be incredibly painful."The nude girls underage only thing I need to oil, Steve, is my dick. There's no way you're going to win, and my ass isn't going to be violated", he sneered.There was almost trouble from Mike again then when one of the youngest gladiators came in and underage erotic pictures Jason ordered him to strip and oil up. The kid did as he was told, looking admiringly at Mike and me as he did so. But he began to tremble as Jason told him the rules. "You are going to lead Steve and Mike into the arena", he was told. "You will be naked, as you are now. No need for a uniform. You're a 'teaser', and the contrast between your youth and the hard muscle of Steve and Mike will make it all the more exciting for our patrons. During the fight you are to hover around the edge of the arena until either Steve or Mike has the other in a hold from which he cannot escape, and then you are to approach and lock this around the losers neck." As he said this, Jason handed the kid one of the collars which he'd used on my the night he raped me. Jason then looked at us and continued "Once the collar is fixed, you ought to underage flash porn be able to get the loser's wrists fastened to it - I suggest you'll probably need to break your hold for a moment to grab his balls, to ensure you get 'co-operation'. And then, of course, with his arms immobilised, you can proceed to the climax of the event." Jason smiled as he said this, as if amused to be making a pun from "climax"."No!" Mike now said, his anger blazing. You can taser me if you like, but there's no underage sex fantasy way I'm going to fuck Steve! I'll defeat him of course. But I won't collar him, and I won't fuck him! There's no way you can make one guy fuck another!""I think you're wrong, Mike! In fact, I know you're wrong." Jason turned towards Mike, and the next moment I saw a sort of dart sticking in Mike's butt. As I watched, Jason flicked his hand, and there was one in mine, too. underage girls nonude "I was expecting trouble the first time we went to a fight to the fuck", he told us. "So I had the doctor prepare these. A powerful combination of a sexual stimulant, and a dis-inhibitor! You will not be able to prevent your dicks from erecting as soon as they are stimulated, as they will be from contact with each other. And as for the dis-inhibitor - well, that speaks for itself, doesn't it?"End Of Part Twenty One
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